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Family history - curiosities from owners

Dear Guest,
….as promised in our previous ‘rendez-vous’ we go on sharing our story with you starting again with Renzo’s sons - Alberto and Ugo – when they began by taking up the management little by little, always under their grand-mother’s Zoe watchful eyes.
Up to her last day nothing escaped her and even though she was feared because of her strong character, she was also much appreciated because of her honesty, her professionalism, her perseverance and her sense of business. This last distinctive feature was absolutely unusual  for a woman in her time. A good example to imitate and a datum point also after her death.

Going on with the memories…..Alberto and Ugo remember very well the works overlooking Via XXII Marzo of the 1950,s onward, when they were children and the ones of the 3rd floor and the terrace of the 1970’s, such as the widening of the restaurant and the opening of the present open-air courtyard.

In the last 20 years the growth has been less chaotic and more addressed to the adjustment to the European standard as regards to safety and comfort.
Starting next time we will find new interesting subjects to share with you…
Please follow us and take a look at our website every now and then! You will find there our best rates and, should you decide to book, don’t forget the special discount code sat03 for preferred clients.

We thank you for your attention and wait for your next visit very soon!!
Kind regards,
the Serandrei Family

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