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Venice and Gondola

Some curiosities about the gondola…..
as per our previous newsletter, also in this new rendez-vous the subject is another Venetian curiosity.

When you think of Venice, on instinct you also think of the gondola, which is the emblem of this inimitable city arisen from the water.

Up to the start of the motor-boats, the gondola was the only mean of transport  for the persons, because of its speed and its manoeuvrability. At present it is used as “ traghetto” to carry people from a bank to the opposite one  of the Grand Canal, for the ceremonies like weddings and funerals and for the classic gondola tour, as enduring memory for people who choose Venice as destination.

This peculiar boat is constructed in small shipyards called “ squeri “ – one of the few examples is the St Trovaso’s squero located near the Zattere area – and its realization needs at least 1 year and 280 pieces of different kinds of wood. The paintings of the XV and XVI centuries represent a gondola which doesn’t correspond to the current one. As time passed, its shape changed and its asymmetry became more accentuated, to make easy to row with one oar only. The typical comb - or head iron – is needed to keep the gondola’s balance and represents the 6 areas of Venice called “ sestieri “, the Giudecca Island, the Doge’s hat and the Grand Canal. Because of its compatibility with the environment and its absolute stillness, the gondola is a very modern mean of transport, which becomes completely part of such an exclusive frame.

Its traditional black colour was originally due to the pitch used to impermeabilize the hull, but according to an order of the Venetian Senate, starting from 1609 the black colour was extended to the whole gondola, to avoid an excessive pomp in the decoration.

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We thank you a lot for your kind attention and hope to welcome you again soon!|
Best regards,
The Family Serandrei

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